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Construction Project Basics Online – #121

Expert Individual Coaching Customized for Your Schedule & Skills


  • Personal Online Coaching as you Learn to Plan, Schedule, Assign Work, Make Presentations, Track Progress and Solve Problems
  • Realistic Practice Managing a Project, Crews, Subcontractors and Customers
  • Private Video Conferences with Your Instructor to Ask Questions, Review Assignments


Construction Project Basics Online Course #121 – Private, customized training from an expert construction project manager. You control the schedule and pace, not the instructor. This is premium construction project management training that gives you the “real World” skills to successfully manage smaller construction projects. You learn by practicing each step in a simulated construction project and getting coaching from your instructor at every step.  You will master planning with customers, identifying their requirements, building a project schedule and tracking progress.  You’ll learn how to use Microsoft Project® software tools step-by-step. You will also learn to find and solve problems before they cause cost and schedule overruns. Together we design your course based on your learning style and your construction project management experience. Tuition is $1,995 US.

Construction Project Basics Student Course Evaluations

“The narratives and role-playing were beneficial – as if I were in these meetings. Helped to visualize the project as a whole and learn the concepts involved. It was preparation for real life examples that will occur in my day to day job.”    Erika Barriga

Construction Project Basics Online Course Fee $1,995

Call a Counselor to Enroll or Ask Questions 303-596-0000

Sample MaterialsAssessment

You Will Be Able To:

Plan a Project With Customers

In this customized online Construction Project Basics course, you will work on a case study for a small construction project that involves a customer and a five-person crew. You will learn how to plan with customers by identifying their requirements and defining the scope and major deliverables they want. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions and practice running a planning meeting with the customer. This meeting is in a private online session with your instructor acting as the customer.  Next, you will learn to write and present a concise and professional project plan so everyone knows what to expect.

Build a Project Schedule

Learn a technique to build a project schedule quickly and keep it current in 10 minutes a week. You also learn how to use Microsoft Project® software step by step. Your schedule will tell your crews and subs what you expect.  It will also give the customer a tool to easily track progress.

Gather Requirements

Learn to meet with customers and define their requirements for the project. Then you’ll build the work breakdown structure and assign crew members to every task.

Spot and Correct Problems Early

Learn and practice techniques to spot problems early when they are small. Then you’ll follow a process for planning corrective action. Next, you’ll prepare and present professional status reports that keep everyone informed of the project’s progress.

jeffstatusRun Meetings and Present Reports

A big part of a project manager’s day is spent communicating.  You’ll learn proven communication and meeting techniques, then practice using them in live video meetings. You’ll work privately with your instructor who plays the role of the customers and asks questions about your plans and status reports. First, you will create your materials for the presentation and get feedback from your instructor.  Then you’ll give the presentation to persuade the customers to approve your plans. You get practice answering the kind of questions customers always ask project managers. The session is filmed so you can watch the video and see how you did. Your instructor coaches you on what you did well and what needs work. This builds your confidence and helps overcome nervousness.

Construction Project Basics Online Course Fee $1,995

Call a Counselor to Enroll or Ask Questions 303-596-0000

Sample MaterialsAssessment

All The Details

One Course Can’t Fit Everyone… So We Build A Course For You

We customize every course based on the experience, learning style and knowledge of each person. We consider your experience, any formal training and the kind of construction projects you have worked on. It’s OK if you are new to project management. We will work with you to design the correct course for you.  You will master the tools you need to succeed by practicing them hands-on, privately with your instructor.

What are the Construction Project Basics? 

You learn how to work with a customer/owner. You will plan the steps to reach the project’s end result and present the plan. Then you learn how to gather requirements from the customer and build a project schedule in project software. Next, you learn how to track progress on your schedule and solve problems. Last, you learn how to present a professional status report and answer the customer’s questions.

How Do I Learn Construction Project Basics? 

You read in a textbook and watch lectures online, available 24/7 from anywhere. You have private video conferences with your instructor and practice managing a simulated construction project with customers, crews and subcontractors. You write a plan after a meeting with the customer.  Then you define the requirements and build a schedule using project management software. You practice making presentations to your instructor, live online. You get written coaching and feedback on each assignment.



Project Managers Must Communicate So We Give You Practice

You learn how to professionally present your good ideas.  We give you plenty of practice presenting plans and status reports. You and your instructor meet privately in our online meeting rooms. Your instructor plays the role of the customers and asks you the kind of questions they ask.  This helps you build confidence and overcome nervousness.

How is Your Construction Project Basics Course Better Than Others? 

You don’t have to go to class at set times. And you aren’t stuck in a class with 50 – 100 people trying to get answers. You work individually with your instructor and have private video conferences whenever you want. You decide when you want to watch a lecture or have a meeting with your instructor. Most people finish the course in 4 – 6 weeks but you can take up to 1 year.  Your instructor is available to give you advice for 1 year after you finish.


What Does Construction Project Basics Cost? 

The fee is $1,995 US  and includes 10 lectures, a textbook, online videos and access to our database of over 1,000 project management articles and videos.

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Am I Ready for Construction Project Basics?

Take an assessment and find out if this is the right course for you. Get answers to your questions from one of our advisers. Or call us at 303-596-0000.

Is Construction Project Basics Part of Any Certifications?

Yes. It is part of the Construction Assistant PM Certification and part of the Construction Project Manager Certification.

How It Works:comm25

  • You begin with a private video conference with your instructor (you can have these whenever you need them). You describe your schedule and the way you learn best so we can design your course to suit you.
  • You start work any time you want, study when it fits your schedule and send in your assignments when you wish. You can work on the course from anywhere in the world on your PC, iPad, Android or smart phone.
  • You have 10 modules with reading, online lectures and videos and construction project assignments. You email them to your instructor and get written feedback and coaching within 24 hours.

Sample Project Management Basics Lecture Video


Video Tour of the Project Management Basics Course Materials


Construction Project Basics Online Course Fee $1,995

Call a Counselor to Enroll or Ask Questions 303-596-0000

Sample MaterialsAssessment

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