Executing PMP Exam 1

1. Why does the project management Institute recommend devoting so many resources and such a large proportion of the project manager's time to communicating and working with the project stakeholders? (763)

2. Why does the PMBOK place such strong emphasis on identifying stakeholders, engaging them, keeping them informed and managing their expectations about a project? What are the advantages of this emphasis and why is it better than limiting project participation to just a small group? (761098)

3. Why does PMI recommend that stakeholder identification begin during the project initiation phase, even before the project has been approved by the organization? (761)

4. The initiation process group launches a project. Please describe the processes that take place within initiation, the principal outputs of those processes and the role in initiation of the project sponsor, project manager, stakeholders, and the organization in which the project is initiated. (784)

5. Describe the differences between the scope statement, the charter and the SOW. (3112)

6. Scope definition techniques include all of the following except: (525)

7. You are a project manager in a large manufacturing company and you have responsibility for over 25 projects. One of your fellow project managers has a new project and the sponsor is pressuring the PM to start work immediately by giving the team their first assignments and finish the last half of the planning later as time is of critical importance. The project involves a new technology which your company has never before used and the company is organized with a strong matrix organization type. The project manager's co-worker believes he/she has half the project's activities defined with estimates and wants to finish all of them before proceeding with any other planning activities. You inquire about the scope statement and the project manager explains that the sponsor invested substantial time in developing the scope statement with them and it is clear and verifiable as are the major deliverables in the project. What should you advise this project manager to do next? (290)

8. You have recently been assigned as the project manager for your company's major strategic initiative which is a six state expansion program including acquisition of facilities, new employees, systems and equipment. The company functions as a projectized organization and the core members of your project team are your direct subordinates. The chairman of the executive steering committee telephones on your fifth day of work with the committee on the project charter. The chairman is surprised that you have not also started work on the business case and are, in fact, recommending that no business case be done. The chairman wonders why so early in the project you are deviating from the best practices as defined by the Project Management Institute. You carefully explain that: (304)

9. What is the range of accuracy for the OOM estimates? (288)

10. An information systems (IT) project manager distributed a document to the stakeholders which described the software to be developed, performance standards it would meet, the users it would serve, their performance using it and the installation timeline and cost. The document was an example of a: (511)

11. Identify Risks includes all of the following tools and techniques EXCEPT: (502)

12. A complete scope statement should include all the following except: (505)

13. You are assisting an executive in the creation of the business case to justify a new project which you will manage if it receives organizational approval which is now pending action from the executive committee. The sponsor explains that she is confident of securing approval and asks you what is the best thing to work on now. (794)

14. An executive in your organization contacts you and asks for your advice on a statement of work the executive has written for a new project. The executive asks you to review the SOW and also asks what should be worked on now: (795)

15. You have just completed an analysis of the power, level of interest and potential contribution of project stakeholders. What is the best thing to do next? (796)

16. Your project sponsor on a construction project for a Fortune 100 multinational company glances through your stakeholder register and asks when you started gathering all this data. You explain that: (797)

17. You and the project sponsor walked out of the executive steering committee meeting and exchanged exhausted but pleased looks. The meeting had been intense and the executives on the steering committee had many questions about the charter you had prepared before approving the project. What should you want the sponsor to work on next? (798)

18. Which project looks the best based on the data given? (50)

19. You calculate the NPV data for a series of projects your company is considering. Which is the best project to pursue based on this information? (51)

20. The present value of an annual expenditure of $4,000 per year over the next three years at 10% per year is: (35)

21. A project should support the performing organization's long-term goals which are described in the: (233)

22. A project manager is making Order of Magnitude cost estimates which is done: (229)

23. A project feasibility study may be required during which of the project process groups? (228)

24. A project manager researches the organization's long range strategic plan as part of: (230)

25. What document is issued by management and outlines the authority of the project manager among other items? (267)

26. When an organization is applying its project selection criteria, it is in the process of: (269)

27. To select and approve projects, management may use a variety of methods including: (264)

28. Which of the following is NOT a technique used in project selection? (272)

29. Which phase of the project life cycle has the highest uncertainty? (274)

30. When is the latest that the PM should start to participate in the project management process for a large low technology project in a matrix organization? (276)

31. You are managing a large systems development effort when asked to provide input on several other projects the company is considering. Based just on this data which project would you recommend? Project A has a Benefit cost ratio of 1:4. Project B has a payback period of 14 years. Project C has an IRR of 2% and Project D has a NPV of $35,000. (277)

32. In which process group do we examine alternative ways of accomplishing project objectives? (248)

33. Linear programming is one of several project selection techniques that are called: (252)

34. The highest risk level for the project will generally occur during what project phase? (256)

35. The initiation process requires all of the following except: (257)

36. The project charter can include many items but one purpose is always paramount and that is to: (260)

37. The project sponsor tells you to begin work on the project immediately and do the paperwork and planning later. How should you respond? (261)

38. Define scope does NOT use which of the following inputs: (526)

39. You have gathered information on the project's cash outflows and the timing of the benefits it will produce. Which of the following would you not be able to calculate at this point? (934)

40. A newly hired project manager is assigned responsibility for a company-wide project whose charter has just been approved. The PM is taking over from another project manager who was reassigned overseas. The new project manager reviewed the documentation and found that the entire initiation effort was completed by 6 people who were all immediate subordinates of the project sponsor. The work was treated as confidential and there was no participation from the other divisions or the functional departments that were going to be affected by the project. What should the new project manager do? (1071)

41. Scope definition has the purpose of: (524)

42. Which of the following would not be used as project selection criteria? (936)

43. You are the PM in a weak matrix organization. You are currently working to identify your stakeholders including those who will lend you your project team members. Which of the following tools and techniques would be best to use to identify stakeholders and their expectations? (937)

44. You have just finished your project charter presentation for your boss and 3 senior VPs in your organization. They gave you the approval to proceed with project planning. Which of the following would not have been included in your project charter presentation? (939)

45. In what process do we analyze the interests, involvement and impact of people affected by a project? (1221)

46. You are the PM for a project that spans 3 different departments with over 70 team members. You have are using the information you and the project team have completed in in your presentation scheduled for tomorrow. You will cover identification of the project's stakeholders, the project's scope, major deliverables, stakeholder requirements, risks, assumptions, constraints and business justification and project charter. What task will you do tomorrow? (933)

47. You are the PM in a projectized organization. Your sponsor, who is also your boss, has asked you to develop the business case. What are you working on? (935)

48. To secure scope approval, the PM will need to provide management with all the following except: (549)

49. The statement of work describes: (545)

50. The scope statement should contain which of the following? (544)

51. The project scope should be well defined and approved by: (535)

52. The objectives of a project are fully described in: (530)

53. The outputs of the define scope process includes all of the following except: (531)

54. Final acceptance criteria of the product of the project should be established in ____________________. (563)

55. The project scope statement: (536)

56. The inputs to Define High-level Scope include all of the following EXCEPT _________. (561)

57. Your project has a project team located in three different countries. The project seeks to implement a new technology. As the project manager you are working with the following people: an executive who is the project sponsor who has just issued the statement of work, the project team, the project management office personnel, a project coordinator, a project expediter and over 125 stakeholders. Which of these people has the most to do at this point in the project lifecycle? (879)

58. You closed the door to your office and went back to your desk after presenting the business case, which your boss approved. You sat down and assembled the documentation you just completed, including the cost-benefit analysis, revenue forecasting and business case. Which task should you work on next? (918)

59. You have completed the project assessment and feasibility study and are reviewing it in a meeting with your boss, the customer, and team members from marketing, operations and human resources. The customer looks to you, the project manager, and asks you what's next. What should you say? (919)

60. Which of the following tools and techniques would we be the least likely to use in scope development? (920)

61. You walk into a meeting room where your boss, the project sponsor, and 3 employees of the organization sit waiting. You begin the meeting by distributing the business case, feasibility study and Order of Magnitude cost & duration requirements. All three documents will be needed in today's meeting. What task are you working on? (921)

62. You are the PM in a large, projectized organization and have a project team of 80 people. You have completed the business case, high-level scope description and order of magnitude estimates of cost and duration. What is the next thing you should work on? (922)

63. The senior partner at the consulting firm where you work receives a call from a customer who says they want you to manage a project for them. Your boss suggests to you that you to go to your organization's PMO to get information on the project stakeholders, previous projects' risk registers and a charter template. What should you do first? (915)

64. You are working on identifying stakeholders and their expectations. Which of the following tools/techniques would you not use on this task? (924)

65. You are working on a small project in your department for your boss. You and two co-workers comprise the project team. Your boss has given you a project to fix all the problems in the customer history system. What should you begin work on next? (914)

66. You are a PM in a multinational functional organization with locations and 14 countries. You just met with 3 of the project team members from Sales, Operations and Human Resources for a working lunch meeting. You picked up the first draft of your stakeholder register and asked yourself what will you work on next? (927)

67. You are the PM for a project that spans 3 different departments with over 70 project team members. You are compiling a document that includes the information you have already developed along with the project's stakeholders, including the project's scope, major deliverables, stakeholder requirements, risks, assumptions and business justification. What task are you working on? (928)

68. You are working on your project charter with 3 members of your project team. The charter presentation is scheduled for one week from today. Which of the following would you not use? (929)

69. You are the project manager for an international project with a team of 50 individuals in a weak matrix organization. You glanced at the clock on the wall and saw that it was time to go home at the end of a work week You and your team had completed the risk register with a list of identified risks and possible responses. You also finished a list of constraints, including a deadline for the project imposed by your local government. What task will you work on next? (930)

70. Your charter presentation just ended. Which of the following tools and techniques would you have not used in developing and delivering your charter presentation? (931)

71. You are the PM in a large organization managing a project with thousands of stakeholders. Your charter presentation is in an hour and you are fine-tuning and practicing your presentation. Which of the following would you not use in your presentation? (932)

72. You are a PM in a functional organization. You just met with 3 of the project team members from Sales, Operations and Human Resources for a working lunch. You answered question about completing the stakeholder register, analysis and stakeholder management strategy. What task have you just completed? (923)

73. You returned to your desk after attending a weekly department meeting. You sat down and started looking over the documentation you have already developed for your current project to develop a new product for the company. The documentation you have already produced includes cost-benefit analysis, revenue forecast and cost estimates. You are ready to assemble all the data into your final task deliverable. Which task are you working on? (917)

74. In a functional organization, executives are considering a number of different projects to launch in the coming fiscal year. One of the executives suggests calculating NPVs for each project and another argues that EPV would be a better measure to use. What is the difference? (767)

75. In a functional organization, executives are considering a number of different projects to launch in the coming fiscal year. One of the executives suggest that to calculate NPV's for each of the project and another argues that EPV would be a better measure to use. What is the difference (772)

76. You are operating in a multinational organization with a project team composed of over 200 employees and 50 contractors. When during the project lifecycle might we perform a feasibility study for use in a business case? (783)