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Healthcare Project Manager Certification #131 & #133

Expert Individual Coaching Customized for Your Schedule & Skills

Two-Course Certification

  • Master Basic and Advanced Healthcare Project Techniques in Planning, Estimating, Risk Management and Status Reporting
  • Realistic Practice & Coaching as You Create a Plan & Schedule, Estimate Work, Manage Conflicts and Solve Problems
  • Private Online Video Conferences with Your Instructor to Ask Questions & Deliver Presentations

This Healthcare Project Manager Certification is a two-course online program that includes a fundamental skills course, #131 – Healthcare Project Basics, followed by an advanced techniques course, #133 – Healthcare Project Management. These are customized online courses. You work on a project case study and get “hands on” practice using the tools you are learning. You have private video conferences with your instructor as often as you wish. You will earn a certification that says you know a proven healthcare project methodology and practical tools/techniques for managing small and large healthcare projects. Tuition is $3,690 US.

1. Healthcare Project Basics – #131

Learn the basics of project planning with administrators and caregivers, gathering requirements, scheduling and tracking progress. You practice managing a small healthcare case study project from start to finish using the right tools and techniques. You learn how to schedule with Microsoft Project® software and run planning and status meetings.


2. Healthcare Project Management – #133

Master advanced techniques for planning with executives, administrators and caregivers, estimating cost and duration, managing risks, analyzing variances and making presentations. You practice managing a large healthcare case study project. You make five presentations to gain approval for your plans and recommendations. You answer the executives/administrators’ questions in live online Q & A sessions with your instructor. simulationExecutive

Program Fee $3,690

Call a Counselor to Enroll or Ask Questions 303-596-0000

Sample MaterialsAssessment

Student Course Evaluations

“I had multiple web conferences and it was very useful with the role playing during my presentations. The presentations and simulations were useful. I still review the email videos that I received (from instructor).”  Brett Fraser

All The Details

What is the Healthcare Project Manager Certification?

These two courses give you a healthcare project management credential for credibility in your current job and for your resume if you are job hunting. This certification will help you advance in the rapidly-growing healthcare project management profession. It will give you the practical skills and knowledge you need to manage projects successfully. It includes using Microsoft Project® software tools and the skills for dealing with the administrators, physicians and other caregivers who are the project stakeholders.

These courses earn 90 education credits from The Project Management Institute (PMI)® which has chapters in 56 countries.


Who is This Healthcare Project Manager Certification For?

It is for people wanting to begin or advance their healthcare project manager career. This includes recent graduates or individual contributors from other healthcare specialties who want to add project management skills. To find out if this is the right certification for you, call us at 303-596-000 and talk to an adviser. Or send us your questions and get a written response from an instructor.

What Do I Learn in the Healthcare Project Manager Certification?

You will learn everything you need to know to manage a healthcare project through the full lifecycle process. It includes skills for planning, scheduling, estimating, budgeting, analyzing risks, tracking/reporting variances and making presentations. You will practice each step with coaching from your instructor until you know how to do it right.

What Does this Healthcare Project Manager Certification Do for Me? 

jeffstatusIt gives you credibility with the people you report to and manage on projects. It helps you get into or advance your healthcare project manager career, one of the fastest growing professions. The average salary for an experienced healthcare project manager is over $110,000 US. Having this certification on your resume or CV says you have mastered the best practices for successfully managing healthcare projects of any size.

How Long Does it Take? 

Most people study 8 hours a week and complete each course in 6 – 10 weeks.  If you can work more hours each week, you can finish each course in 3 – 5 weeks. You can even take up to 1 year for each course. Your instructor will work with you on the schedule you want.

What Does It Cost?

The tuition for both courses is $3,690 US. It includes textbooks, online lectures, videos, realistic project case studies and assignments. You also have access to our database of over 1,000 project management articles and videos.

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Is the Healthcare Project Manager Certification Right for Me

Take an assessment to find out if this is the right program for you. You can get answers to your questions  from one of our instructors. Or call us at 303-596-0000 and speak to a counselor.

How Is Your Healthcare Project Manager Certification Better Than Others?

You don’t go to class at set times. And you aren’t stuck in a class with 50 – 100 people trying to get answers. You decide when you want to watch a lecture, do an assignment or have a private video conference with your instructor. They coach you through both courses and provide advice for 1 year after you finish. You earn 90 education hours from the Project Management Institute (PMI).


Program Fee $3,690

Call a Counselor to Enroll or Ask Questions 303-596-0000

Sample MaterialsAssessment

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