Human Resource PMP Knowledge Area

This knowledge area is focused on acquiring, developing and managing the people who will work on the project. To finalize the human resource management plan, we need those resource estimates that are produced in the schedule knowledge area that tell us what skill sets we need and how much work the people have to do. From that we can plan what resources we need to acquire and how to acquire them. Once the project management plan is in place including the human resource plan, we move into executing and there we have all three of the remaining human resource processes. First, we acquire our resources following the HR plan. It also tells us how we will develop those resources with training and other skill requirements they need to complete their specific assignments on the project.  The HR plan specifies how we’ll manage the project team, all the way through releasing them to return to their other duties.

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Human Resource Introduction

Plan Human Resource Management

Acquire Project Team

Develop Project Team

Manage Project Team

Human Resource Summary

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