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Some of the most popular self-study programs are listed below. Of course you can add additional elements to your customized program. To add additional content to your program, just scroll through the right hand column of any page. You will see links to many videos and articles that may be of interest to you and relevant to your career.

0.0 – 6.9 Project Basics Best Practices
7.0 Project Basics Self-study
9.0 Advanced Project Techniques Self-study
9.6 Roam the Articles & Videos by Category
10.0 Project Manager in Action Videos


Requirements Gathering Blunders and Best Practices

Many project failures are caused by poor requirements gathering techniques. These blunders cause three separate problems for the project and each one can increase the project’s cost and duration and lower the users’ or clients’ satisfaction. Every week stakeholders submit requests for new or modified requirements because The project deliverables are not meeting their needs The […]

Presentation Body Language Video

Effective project presentations don’t come from being a smooth talking project manager. You need a strong presence before the audience and that comes from your Presentation Body Language coupled with your words. Relevant content & media should be augmented by engaging body movements an gestures that communicate your message. This video illustrates five common body […]

Project Manager Role Producing Deliverables

A project manager is responsible for using  organizational staff & materials to produce a specified deliverable.  The project manager role  requires a wide variety of skills in planning, leading, scheduling, tracking progress, managing teams to produce that deliver. This set of skills is very different from managing a department or a business. Several things make […]

Project Estimation Sponsor Games

Project Estimation Sponsor Games are played by ineffective sponsors who use intimidation and manipulation avoid being held responsible for project results. These sponsors don’t play the sponsor role effectively by clearly detailing the project scope and the deliverables they want.  Instead, the dodge all commitment and seek to set up the project manager and team to […]

Program Manager – Multiple Projects

Program managers are responsible for the performance of several projects, their project managers and the human and financial resources the program consumes. They are also accountable for the benefits, the business value, the projects produce. Program management is focused on allocating resources to the various projects in the program to maximize the overall business value.  As well, […]

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