How PMI Exam Prep Works

Do reading  assignment in the Syllabus. Then come here to use the learning materials here as designed by you and your instructor


  1. From your Syllabus, read the first chapter (25-40 pages) in your electronic textbook
  2. View the Process lectures for that Process Group  on the course website
  3. Read the 3 Scenarios of applying that process to different size Projects (Listed in the right hand menu)
  4. Watch the Project Manager in Action Videos of a project team doing all the steps in a process in the right hand menu.
  5. Take the PMI exams located after the last lecture and score 90% or higher before moving on to the next process group. You take them as many times as necessary.
  6. Your instructor will evaluate each exam and send you feedback on the specific areas where you need to do additional work.
  7. Ask for a video conference with the instructor whenever  you need it.

Finally on the 4 days immediately before your PMI exam, you will do a comprehensive review. This requires about 2.5-3 hours each day and your instructor gives you feedback and coaching on your work.

Tailoring the Course So It Fits You

Your PMI exam prep course begins with an assessment test followed by a planning conference call with your instructor. The assessment results will give your instructor an initial picture of your project management knowledge and your strengths and weaknesses.
During your conversation, your instructor will go over your assessment test and talk about the areas that the two of you will emphasize and those areas where your knowledge is already solid.

Then you will talk about your learning style. Are you a visual learner or a logical learner?  Do you learn best by reading about a topic or are lectures and discussions the best way for you to learn? Your instructor will also ask you about the schedule you want to set for the course. Do you want to get on the fast track and do three process groups a week? Or does your schedule demand a much slower pace, a process group every two weeks?  It’s up to you to decide and you can change the pace at any time as your circumstances evolve.

Textbook Reading

You will start by reading the chapter on project framework.  After that, you’ll read a chapter for each of the eight process groups. The reading contains a number of different kinds of material. You’ll read a summary of each of the processes within the process group as well as information on the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs. Then you’ll read three scenarios of project managers and teams actually performing the process you are studying. The scenarios cover three levels of project management complexity. The first  scenario shows you the actual documents and forms you would create for a small project done within a department. The second scenario shows you actual documents and information that would be used on a larger cross-functional project. The third scenario is the most complex and is about a consulting project done for a multinational corporation. You may ask you instructor questions at any time.

Process Group Lectures

Depending on the course design you and your instructor developed, you will then listen to the lectures on the course website that cover each of the 3-6 processes within the process group. The lectures focus on the kind of exam questions that are asked about each of the project management processes. They also discuss strategies for handling different kinds of questions and techniques you can use for the exam. So the lectures give you an overview of the process and then prepare you for the questions asked about that process.

Three PMI Practice Exams & Learning Topics

There are three exams for each of the process groups. Two of them are multiple choice exams the third is an essay. Your routine is to do the reading, watch the lectures, and then take the first of the multiple choice exams for that process group. Submit it to your instructor who will send you feedback on it and also identify learning topics that you need to work on to pass that particular process group. Your instructor will send you links and supplemental reading assignments that address these learning topics. You can also use the course database to retrieve additional information.  We want you to score 90% on each of these exams before moving on and most people have to repeat them to score that high. After you scored 90% on the first exam, your instructor will send you the link for the second one, which is a multiple-choice exam, and the third exam which is an essay. You’ll receive written feedback and learning topics on each of these exams. When you score highly enough on them, your instructor will ask you to move on to the next process group.

Depending on your specific learning topics, your instructor may schedule a video conference or phone call to talk about strategies for handling various kinds of questions. If your learning issues are formulas, a video conference with whiteboard session may be best to discuss what formulas are relevant and which ones you have to memorize. When you have followed your instructor’s recommendations on your learning topics, you retake the exam.

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