Navigating to Your Course & Materials

Everything you need to complete the course is in the “Member Login” screen to the left. Once you have enrolled and set your user name & password,  click the Member Login button.

Inside the Member Login you will see the following:

1. The first link on the left-hand side is Dashboard. It has a column titled My Membership with a link to each of the courses you’re currently taking. If you click that course link, you will be taken to the homepage of your course. All the lectures and exercises are listed there and you can navigate by clicking on one of them.
2. The second link on the left-hand side is Orders which lists the courses you have purchased and their cost.
3. The third link on the left-hand side is Subscriptions, if you have any.
4. The fourth button on the left-hand side is Downloads with links Getting Started instructions, the syllabus/textbook(s), and homework template(s). Your text book and the other publications are PDF files you can read on your screen or print out.
5. The fifth link on the left-hand side is Address where you can edit your current address if you move or wish to use a different address.
6. The sixth link on the left-hand side is Payment Method which shows any payment methods you have asked to save.
7. The seventh link on the left-hand side is Account Details where you can recover or change your password.
8. The final link on the left-hand side is Log Out where you log out of your course.