PMP 2016 Comprehensive Review

The comprehensive review is the last part of your PMP Exam Prep coursework. It occurs during the four days immediately preceding your exam for the PMP certification. Your instructor will give you the materials and links for the comprehensive review five days before your exam date so that you get the latest update to our review materials and content.

The comprehensive review will consume 2 to 3 1/2 hours on each of the four days before your exam. It is the only review you will need. The review consists of multiple-choice tests, short essays and other review exercises that cover all the content on the PMP exam. The exact reviews you will do will depend on your strong points and weak points during the course. We maintain detailed information on all of your tests and your instructor will tailor your review materials to strengthen any weak areas.
The comprehensive review is a vital part of the course and you are unlikely to pass the exam if you don’t successfully complete it. One of the conditions of our guarantee is that you complete the course and the comprehensive review. If you fail to complete all the parts, our guarantee is invalidated.
Let’s also schedule at least two times for a live Web meeting on the second day and on the day before your exam to discuss last minute trends and test-taking tips. You will tell me a good date and time.

Comprehensive Review – Our Passing Guarantee will NOT apply if you do not complete all parts of the review

Days #1 & #2 
On the first two days of the review, please complete the Word document attached to the comprehensive review email you received.  It contains all the outputs and techniques that PMI includes on the PMP exam.  Please write several short sentences telling me how the output/technique is used, when it is used and what decisions you make from it. You can use your textbook, search the database on the course website or listen to lectures to gain the info you need.
Do not just go to Wickipedia or Google and copy their material into the document…That would be easy but unwise.  We will go over all of the items in a 60-90 minute video conference.  We’ll schedule it when I receive your completed assignment.
Day #3
PMP Simulations with 200 total questions, Mind-bender, Math exam – You will need to take these exams more than once to score above 80% on each exam. Schedule accordingly.
When you take the exams
  1. Do not use any reference material and
  2. Work at a pace of 1 minute per question which is the “Careful Reading Pace“ I want you to use on the real exam.


PMP Comprehensive Review
PMP Comprehensive Final Part 1 100 ?s 1st half of full PMP exam
PMP Comprehensive Final Part 2 100 ?s 2nd half of full PMP exam
PMP Mind Bender Toughest scenario questions in the past month
PMP Comprehensive Math Exam Math questions you need some work on
Day # 4
Read the first scenario in the book after each process (the Chris PMBOK scenario), Mind-Bender Exam and Video Conference on Question Strategies.
Take the Mind-Bender exam and score above 90%.  This exam has the hardest questions PMI is asking on the PMP exam and plenty of scenario questions to practice on.

  1. Do not use any reference material
  2. On the Mind Bender link above, use the “last sentence first” technique on the questions with more than two sentences.
  3. Schedule a time with your instructor to review strategies for answering 5 different question types.
 Good Luck!