Project Management Professional (PMP)® Prep – #104

Individual Instruction, Customized for Your Schedule, Experience & Style.
Unlimited, Private Video Conferences with Your Instructor
  • Personal Coaching as You Learn The Best Practices In Project Management & How to Pass the Exam
  • Customized for your Schedule, Goals & the Techniques You Need to Master
  • Take as Many Realistic PMP Practice Exams as You Need, Review Your Results in 1-on-1 Instructor Video Conferences


Project Management Professional (PMP)® Certification Exam Prep, #104 – Private, online, instructor-led course with personal instruction from an expert project manager. You control the schedule and pace, not the instructor. Premium PMP Certification training that prepares you to pass the PMP exam in the most efficient way. Together, we design your course based on your learning style and the depth of your project management knowledge. $3,595

PMP® Passing Guarantee

We guarantee our work.  The class ends only when you have your PMP certification.  You must complete all the course work, work with your instructor until you score above 85% on the exams and take the test within 14 days of finishing. Then we will work with you until you pass.product FI-104

How it Works

You work with your instructor, studying the best practices in the sequence in which you do a project. You do not memorize definitions.  Instead through reading, lectures and realistic project scenarios you learn how to handle a wide ranges of situations using the best practices.  You also watch our actors perform each of the process the right way.  These “Project Manager in Action” videos are the efficient way to learn. You practice on exam questions your instructor selects for from our database.  You take as many exams as needed until your instructor knows you are ready to pass the PMP.  Last of all you and your instructor do a comprehensive review on the days right be for your exam.

Schedule  & Pace

You, not the instructor, control the pace and schedule and take up to a year.  You can do the reading, watch videos or take an exam 24/7 from anywhere.  You arrange video conferences  with your instructor when its convenient. You work with an expert PMP who answers all your questions privately.  He works with you when it fits your schedule via video conferences from anywhere.    Tuition & books $$3,595.

Course Details

Syllabus Sample Materials Assessment Student Evaluations Enroll

One Course Can’t Fit Everyone… So We Build A Course For You. We customize every course based on the experience and knowledge of each student. We consider your PM experience, formal training and the kind of projects you have managed. Then we work with you to design the correct course for you to pass the PMP exam.

What is the PMP? The Project Management Professional is the most prestigious certification in project management, recognized globally. It is offered by The Project Management Institute (PMI)® which has chapters in 56 countries.

What Does the PMP Certification Do for Me? The PMP gives you instant credibility at work or in job hunting.  Having it on your resume or CV says you have 4+ years of PM experience and know the best practices.REP_rev-small

Exactly What Do I Learn in PMP Certification Prep? You will master PMI’s best practices in project management and learn all the techniques needed to pass the PMP exam. You will be able to:

  • Take control of scenario questions so you don’t waste time
  • Know what formulas to use and when you can use logic without calculations
  • Spot the correct answer by process of elimination
  • Control your pace and master nervousness
  • Pass the PMP exam and get this international certification.

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No Crowded Class … Individual Learning With Your Own Instructor– Your instructor works with you, just the two of you, in private video meetings at times you set.  There he answers your questions, reviews practice exams and your progress weekly.  You start when you want, work as fast or as slowly as you wish and can take up to 1 year.

What Does It Cost? The tuition, including all textbooks and materials, is $3,595 and includes 46 lectures, practice exams and access to our PMP database of over 1,000 articles and videos. We work with you until you pass; guaranteed.

How is Your PMP Certification Course Better Than the Others? You work individually with your instructor (a PMP) in live, private video conferences when you want. You don’t go to class at set times, you decide when you want a lecture or a meeting with your instructor and you can take up to 1 year.

Am I ready for PMP Certification? Find out if you meet the requirements and get an assessment from one of our instructors about your current project knowledge or call us.PMP Project Management Professional Certification

Is the PMP Certification Course Part of Any Certifications? Yes it is. It is part of the Senior PM Certification, Senior IT PM CertificationSenior Construction PM CertificationSenior Healthcare PM Certification

How Does Private Online PMP Prep Work?

  • You begin with a private video conference with your instructor to design your course. You describe the kind of projects you’ve managed, your schedule and the way you learn best. We will design your course to fit you.
  • You start when you want.  Then study when it fits your schedule.  You can finish in as little as 2 weeks or take up to a year. It is your choice. Submit your practice exams when you wish. You can work on the course from anywhere in the world on your PC, iPad, or Android.
  • Send questions to your instructor and schedule video conferences as often as you wish.
  • Receive written feedback and coaching.
  • We work with you until you pass the PMP exam.

Sample PMP Lecture on Estimating and How Private PMP Instruction Works

Syllabus Sample Materials Assessment Student Evaluations Guarantee Enroll

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