Adv. PM – Professional Project Skills


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Advanced Project Management provides visual learners with additional project tools in the areas of

  • strategic planning
  • stakeholder management
  • estimating cost and duration
  • risk management
  • status reporting with earned value.

The 250 page electronic textbook covers these topics and includes illustrations and sample documents.  In each of these five modules, there is a lecture on the topic by Dick Billows, PMP and a Project Manager in Action video. In the video you will see sponsors, project managers and team members doing the process the correct way.

The Strategic Planning module covers advanced planning techniques for larger projects. These projects have a larger number of stakeholders. They are involved in setting the project scope and defining the major deliverables.  The techniques include asking the right questions of the stakeholders and tailoring your approach to the personality types of the executives. You will learn how to define a network of high-level achievements which is the skeleton of the project.

The Stakeholder Management module addresses the issue of proactively managing the stakeholder group. You must gain their political support to benefit from their knowledge. It is important to learn their requirements for the project as early in the planning process as possible. Their political support will be valuable when you need to gain their  approval for corrective actions and changes to the project.

In the Estimating module you will learn five different techniques for estimating project cost and duration. These techniques include order of magnitude estimating, analogous estimating, parametric estimating, three-point estimating and rolling estimating. The lectures include the calculations for each technique. In the Project Manager in Action video you’ll watch a project manager use these techniques with their project team.

In the Risk Management module you will learn a five-step process. The first is identifying the risks, then using qualitative analysis techniques followed by quantitative analysis techniques. Next is developing risk responses, then tracking and monitoring them during the project execution phase. In the Project Manager in Action videos you’ll see a project manager, sponsor and team go through the entire process.

In the Status Reporting and Earned Value module, you will learn to use variance analysis techniques and give professional status reports. You will also learn the benefits of using earned value in your analysis of the project results.

There is reading, online streaming lectures and videos available 24/7, and a short essay exam at the end of the course.  PMPs earn 60 PDUs for re-certification.



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