Construction Project Management Techniques


Our advanced Construction project management textbook builds on the basic skills in the essentials of  construction project management. This advanced text is aimed at larger  construction projects with more complex client  owner/stakeholder situations which the construction project manager has to cope. We cover more advanced estimating, handling complex change order situations profitably without sacrificing  owner satisfaction. We also cover managing complex project teams involving outside consultants,  engineers,  architects, government inspectors  and other regulators as well as you are  crews and professionals.

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$40.  Construction Project Management Techniques is a printable electronic book for experienced construction project managers. You will learn advanced tools and techniques for dealing with the customer, planning, and scheduling your crews and subcontractors. The book takes you step-by-step through a medium-size construction project with difficult customers and sub-contractors. You will see how the project manager answers tough questions and persuades these difficult customers.

In Construction Project Management Techniques you will also learn different techniques for decomposing the project scope into a full work breakdown structure; parametric, PERT and analogous estimating with your crews; building a project schedule; and optimizing it to finish as soon as possible within constraints for budget, resources and duration. This e-book includes complete instructions for planning and tracking with Microsoft Project® software.

The Construction Project Management Techniques takes you through all the steps in a construction project with difficult customers and lots of problems to solve.

Construction Project Management Techniques Table of Contents:

  1. Project Lessons Learned
  2. Initiation & Scope Definition
  3. Project Charter
  4. Decomposition, the Work Breakdown Structure & Quality
  5. Assignments & Estimates
  6. Building the Dynamic Schedule
  7. Optimizing & Trade-offs
  8. Tracking, Problems & Solutions
  9. Microsoft Project Software Appendix: Step-by-Step Instructions
  10. View a sample of the Construction Project Management: Advanced Techniques book

You Can Download Your Construction Project Management Techniques Immediately After Payment

Construction Project Management: Advanced Techniques is an electronic book you can download to your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Your purchase includes 2 downloads of the book. It is fully indexed and searchable plus you may print a paper copy. Adobe Reader, a free PDF viewer, is required. 


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