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Client Project management essentials is written for people who were new to client engagements or want to learn  a simple methodology  for small to medium client projects. The book covers the entire project lifecycle from initiating the project with the client to developing a project plan, work breakdown structure and then a schedule in Microsoft Project. Next we cover tracking actual progress against the plan and using our software tech develop solutions to problems.   The book contains hundreds of illustrations, screenshots of the software as well as realistic dialogue between project managers and their clients and team members.

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$20 Consulting Project Essentials teaches a basic 5 step methodology for planning projects with the clients through tracking and reporting weekly status.  Consulting Project Essentials begins with planning the project with the client, defining requirements, estimating work with the team members, developing a project schedule, executing the plan and tracking weekly progress. You will see how a project manager spots and solves real problems and how they report progress to the client.

Consulting Project Essentials includes complete Microsoft Project® software instruction for the 5 steps in managing client projects. It takes you step-by-step through a real project where you read actual conversations with the client and see how the project manager handles tough questions.

Consulting Project Essentials Table of Contents:

  • Step 1: BroadBrush Plan
    • Technique 1: Defining the Project Scope
    • Technique 2: Gathering Project Requirements
    • Technique 3: Creating the Charter & Avoiding Problems
  • Step 2: Work Breakdown Structure
    • Technique 4: Using Microsoft Project® Software
    • Technique 5: Building a Work Breakdown Structure
  • Step 3: Dynamic Project Schedules
    • Technique 6: Sequencing Tasks
  • Step 4: Assigning People to Tasks
    • Technique 7: Making Clear Assignments & Estimates
    • Technique 8: Defining the Critical Path
    • Technique 9: Team Leadership Skills
  • Step 5: Tracking Results

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Consulting Project Essentials electronic book you can download to your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Your purchase includes 2 downloads of the book. The book is fully indexed and searchable plus you may print a paper copy. Adobe Reader, a free PDF viewer, is required.


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