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Specifically designed for visual learners who master techniques and processes by seeing them done by other leaders. Use the modules to create your own self-study course. Or you can use them for an “on-the-spot” reference when you want to learn how to successfully handle a particular situation or challenge.

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Access a video library of project and team leaders doing their jobs the right way with expert narration. It provides a self-study program of practical “how to do it” learning. You can watch videos of a project manager, sponsor and team work through every step of a project to achieve success. You can also watch teams deal with more complex issues like risk, strategic planning, procurement and quality. All the hi-def videos are available 24/7 and you can stop, backup and replay a video as often as you wish.  There are notes and explanations that accompany the videos to clarify the more complex or subtle points. You can cancel any time you wish.
You can watch the videos as part of a program or individually. For example, you can watch the videos in sequence of a “project team in action” doing each of the 47 processes for a large project. Or you can pick and choose the processes that are most relevant for you and your projects or teams.
You can learn how to use Microsoft Project software by watching the click by click videos. They show you how to use the software on all phases of a project from creating a schedule to tracking progress and status reporting.
You can watch a movie of a project manager guiding her team members through the 3-point estimating process, which produces the most accurate estimates. Then you can watch that project manager present the estimates to the project sponsor and defend them when he wants to slash the estimates.
We know the value of learning by seeing it done from our years of providing individual, customized training courses at our parent company, Over the last 15 years with our own cast and crew, we have created this library of Project Manager in Action videos. They provide a self-study program of practical “how to do it” learning.


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