Healthcare Program Management Textbook


Our advanced Healthcare Program management textbook builds on the basic skills in the essentials of healthcare program management. This advanced text is aimed at larger Healthcare programs with more complex  physician, caregiver and administrative stakeholders situations which the  program manager has to cope. We cover more advanced estimating, handling complex change  request situations   without sacrificing  stakeholder satisfaction. We also cover managing complex project teams involving  physicians from multiple specialties, nursing technical and other caregivers,  administrative personnel as well as your staff  external regulatory and media stakeholders.



Healthcare Program Management Techniques

$40.  Healthcare Program Management Techniques is an electronic book for experienced healthcare program managers. You will learn advanced techniques for managing larger healthcare projects including estimating, risk management, team building, and giving effective presentations. Healthcare Program Management: Advanced Techniques takes you through all the steps in a large hospital expansion project with difficult physicians and administrators. You’ll read exactly what the project manager should ask the stakeholders and how to answer their tough questions.

You will also learn different techniques for decomposing the project scope into a full work breakdown structure; parametric, PERT and analogous estimating with your team; building a project schedule and optimizing it to finish as soon as possible within constraints for duration, budget and resources.

The Healthcare Program Management Techniques e-book takes you through all the steps in a large, complex healthcare project with difficult stakeholders and lots of problems to solve.

Healthcare Program Management Techniques Table of Contents:

  1. Project Lessons Learned
  2. Initiation & Scope Definition
  3. Project Charter
  4. Decomposition, the Work Breakdown Structure & Quality
  5. Assignments & Estimates
  6. Building the Dynamic Schedule
  7. Optimizing & Trade-offs
  8. Tracking, Problems & Solutions
  9. Microsoft Project Software Appendix: Step-by-Step Instructions
  10. View a sample of the Healthcare Project Management: Advanced Techniques book
You Can Download Your Book Immediately after Payment

Healthcare Program Management: Advanced Techniquess is an electronic book you can download to your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. Your purchase includes 2 downloads of the book. It is fully indexed and searchable plus you may print a paper copy. Adobe Reader, a free PDF viewer, is required. 


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