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Project Estimating is an online, self-study course where you learn techniques for estimating cost and duration using the following techniques:

  • order of magnitude
  • parametric
  • analogous
  • 3-point
  • rolling.

Every project manager has to give the boss or sponsor estimates of the project’s costs and duration. A critical part of project estimating is selecting the correct technique to use. Each of these estimating methods has its strengths and weakness. You’ll learn to make the right choice based on the level of certainty required and how much time and money you can spend creating the estimates. You will also learn to consider your team members’ level of skill in doing estimates.

There is e-textbook reading, an online streaming lecture and video available 24/7, and a multiple choice exam.

After completing this online self-study course, you will be able to use best practices techniques for five different ways to estimate project cost and duration. You will understand the pros and cons of each technique and when to use each one.

Earn 12 PDUs for PMP re-certification. $30 for 90 days access.



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