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Virtual teams require a different management skill set than teams with all team members working in the same geographic location. Learn how to successfully manage virtual teams in this hands-on, online learning course. You work individually with your instructor and get personal coaching and feedback at every step.

During enrollment, you can set your own user name & password.  You will get a receipt with links for immediately downloading your materials. 

Begin whenever you wish. Open the “Getting Started.pdf ” which has the password for your book. Go to  Click the “Member Login” and enter the username and password you set.

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With the increasing frequency of “remote workers” and people who are working in different geographic locations, the number of virtual teams is increasing. Managing virtual teams requires very different skills than managing co-located teams. First, it requires different technology for communications. Videoconferences provide effective ways to distribute information, if managed properly. Second, the team leader must established and enforce effective processes for working together. Assignments and reporting requirements must be more specific to ensure they are understood. And third, virtual teams require unique leadership tools, techniques and interpersonal skills.
Virtual Team Management is a hands-on, online learning course. Participants work 1-to-1 with their instructor and practice designing and managing virtual communications to ensure their effectiveness. They also practice crafting virtual team member assignments and tracking progress on the production of each deliverable.
PMPs earn 60 PDUs for re-certification.


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