Managing Multiple Projects – #201

Master Tactical and Strategic Skills for Managing Multiple Projects 

Individual Online Coaching  $2,595

Experienced project managers will learn advanced techniques for managing a portfolio of projects and project managers. These include new product launches, financial program implementations, human resource efforts, operational improvement programs and administrative initiatives.  You will manage a portfolio of projects working with an expert project portfolio manager. You’ll learn to use real world tools and techniques, not vague academic concepts, for managing multiple projects.

You Will Master:

  • Strategic planning – evaluate a portfolio of projects and get executive approval for your recommendations
  • Process improvement – implement process improvement recommendations
  • Business situation assessment – design programs to meet the needs of multiple project stakeholders
  • Personality typing – identify the personality types of executives and stakeholders. Use the best communication style to influence each person
  • Forecasting and estimating – master four cost and duration estimating techniques and when to use each one
  • PMO management – assess PMO members’ capabilities and design assignments tailored for each person
  • Portfolio yield improvement – resolve resource overallocation, cancel, postpone or scale back projects to increase yield

Private, customized training from an expert project portfolio manager

  • Review assignments with your instructor in live online video conferences
  • Get unlimited personal coaching, 1-to-1
  • Ask questions and have private video conferences when you wish

You control the schedule and pace, not your instructor

  • Do assignments when you want
  • Get written feedback within 24 hours
  • 100% online. Finish in a month or take up to a year

Live Meetings & Presentations with Your Instructor 

In your live meetings and presentations, your instructor plays the role of the executives in the project case study

  • He asks the kind of questions project portfolio managers must answer
  • He’ll call “time out” if you get off track, coach you and then you redo it
  • You get a video of your presentations with your instructor’s coaching and comments


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Managing Multiple Projects Online Course Tuition $2,595 

Earn 60 PDUs

Talk to an Advisor 1-303-596-0000

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Our Credentials

  • We have been training project managers for over 25 years
  • PMI® had approved this course for 60 education hours (PDUs)
  • Major universities have approved this course for graduate school credit
  • We have had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for 17 years
  • Our staff consists of experienced project managers who have worked more than a decade in various industries

Managing Multiple Projects Course Modules: What you will learn and how you will practice the new skills

Learn Skills & Techniques in Reading and Lectures

1. Best Techniques for Organizational Project Processes. Cover initiation, prioritization, strategic planning, resource allocation, executing, tracking and reporting. Master the techniques required to assess the viability of an ongoing project program and recommend improvements.

2. Project Portfolio Management – Learn the processes used by successful organizations for initiating, prioritizing, planning and executing their projects. You’ll master techniques for analyzing the processes used by an organization. And you will understand the best way to implement process improvement efforts for an organization’s portfolio of projects.

3. Program Design & Positioning – Learn to assess the executives with whom you will work by identifying their “hot button” issues and their perceptions of you. Learn how to use that assessment to tailor your communications with each executive. Master techniques for assessing multi-dimensional business situations and designing programs to meet the needs of multiple project stakeholders.

4. Forecasting & Estimating – Learn four cost and duration estimating techniques (Order of Magnitude, Analogous, Parametric, 3-Point). You will also understand the pros and cons of each technique and in what situations each should be used.

5. Managing a PMO, Project Managers & Teams – Learn techniques for assessing people’s ability to solve problems and deal with complexity. Learn the signs to look for in your subordinates. Then master how to design assignments tailored to each person’s capabilities.

6.  Portfolio Priorities, Allocation & Tracking – Learn to breakdown a portfolio of projects and identify their strengths and weaknesses in terms of the payback to the organization.  Master techniques for making adjustments to the project portfolio to improve the yield for the organization.

Practice in Live Online Meetings & Presentations

1. You will assess a six-state expansion program which is underway in your new employer’s organization. Read sample status reports, change requests and other case study information. Then you’ll make a presentation to the executives (role-played by your instructor) about the prospects for the program’s success and what improvements should be made.

2. You will assess the organization’s project processes using information in the case study, videos of executive meetings and project status reports. Next you will make a live online presentation to senior management (role-played by your instructor) about the weaknesses in their project processes and your recommendations for improvement.

3. Using your assessment of the executives and your design of a new program, you’ll present your strategy and recommendations in a live online presentation. You must gain approval and support for this strategic initiative from an executive group with conflicting objectives and goals (role-played by your instructor).

4. Using project data provided by your instructor, you’ll develop cost and duration estimates for your new program. Then present your data to the stakeholders (role-played by your instructor). Answer their questions and defend your estimates to these executives who want to slash the budget and cut the duration.

5. Meet your team members, observe their characteristics and design an assignment that is right for each of them. Then present your work to your instructor for evaluation and discussion.

6. Assess an organization’s project portfolio and develop recommendations for resolving the overallocation of resources by canceling, postponing or scaling back projects. In a live meeting with the company executives, (role-played by your instructor), you must gain their agreement with your recommendations.

Managing Multiple Projects Online Course Tuition $2,595   

Earn 60 PDUs

Talk to an Advisor 1-303-596-0000

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