MS Project Multiple Projects Online – #206

Individual Instruction, Customized for You, Your Pace and Schedule

Personal Coaching as You Learn MS Project Multiple Projects

  • Customized for Your Schedule, Goals & the Skills You Want to Master
  • Receive Instructor Feedback as You Build Schedules, Set Priorities, Allocate People, Update the Plan and Fix Problems

Private MS Project Video Conferences With Your Instructor

As you learn the best practices for planning, scheduling, budgeting and tracking multiple projects with MS Project, you will meet with your instructor in our video conference room, project common icationsjust the two of you. Both of you will be able to see a MS Project or Gantter project file and make change in the settings and data. This lets you learn new techniques and master the most efficient methods for building and managing multiple projects with software tools.  In these sessions, you work with your instructor on your MS Project software assignments and get personal feedback and coaching.

MS Project Program Management course, #206 – An online, instructor-led course with private instructor video conferences where you learn to use all the techniques for MS Project for multiple projects. You practice each technique and get instructor feedback on your plans, schedules and status reports. Tuition is $1,700.

What is MS Project Program Management? It is an online, instructor-led course where you learn how to work with the software to plan individual projects and programs.  Then you consolidate them into a a portfolio with shared resources.  You learn to set project and program priorities and allocate resources based on those priorities. Next you learn how to use resource utilization processes to adjust the portfolio and add resources. You also learn how to track progress on your schedule and solve problems. Last, you learn how to create a portfolio status report and make adjustments.

How Do I Learn MS Project Program Management? You read in a textbook and watch lectures, 24/7 from anywhere. You have private video MS Project Program Managementconferences with your instructor and actually manage a simulated portfolio of projects with project managers and teams. You make adjustments to facilitate emergencies and new corporate initiatives. You get written feedback from your instructor on each assignment.

How is Your MS Project Program Management Better Than Others? You don’t go to class at set times. And you are
not stuck in a class with 25 – 30 students trying to get answers. You work individually with your instructor and have private video conferences whenever you want.You decide when you want to watch a lecture or have a meeting with your instructor. You can take up to 1 year to finish but most people finish in 4 – 6 weeks. Your instructor is available for advice for 1 year after you finish.

What Does MS Project Program Management Cost? The tuition is $1,700 and includes 10 lectures, a textbook, online videos and assignments using MS Project software. You have access to our database of over 1,000 PM articles and videos plus personal private instruction at a schedule you set.

Am I Ready for MS Project Program Management? Find out if this is the right course for you. Get answers to your questions from one of our instructors. Or call us at 303-596-0000 and speak to a counselor.


MS Project Multiple Projects¬†‚Äď How it Works:

  • You begin with a private video conference with your instructor (you can have these whenever you need them). You describe your schedule¬†and the way you learn best so we can design your course to suit you.
  • You start work whenever you want, study when it fits your schedule and submit your assignments whenever you wish. You can work on the course from anywhere in the world on your PC, iPad, Android or smart phone.
  • You have 10 modules with reading, online lectures and videos, and project assignments. You send them to your instructor and receive written feedback and coaching within 24 hours.

Video Tour of the MS Project Program Management Course Materials

“Learn By Doing” with Customized Individual Learning Online

Each module has reading and a MS Project lecture video, then you following the steps and do it yourself. You learn to use MS Project in 5 simple steps and get written feedback and coaching from your instructor.

MS Project Program Management Course Modules: What You Will Be Able To Do:


1. Build a Shared Resource Pool: Create one resource sheet and share it across multiple projects.

2. Build multiple schedules: Create up to hundreds of project schedules that follow MS Project program management best practices.

3. Consolidate the schedules into a portfolio of projects: Track status on the portfolio, change project priorities and automatically reallocate resources accordingly.

4. Track the portfolio’s status: Quickly update the status of every project in the portfolio and learn how to generate specific reports for stakeholders based on their information needs.

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