Project Help – Project Advisory Services

Buy Just the Help You Need for Your Project

  • We will review your project plan
  • Look at your schedule or budget
  •  Review your status reports and make suggestions.

Our expert project managers have

  • more than 10+ years project management experience in industry
  • plus a certification from the Project Management Institute and
  • advanced degrees.

We can help you by video conference or telephone.  We can review your  plan, schedule, budget,  and status reports. Then we will give you suggestions on problems and what needs improvement to achieve the results you want.

If you’re having difficulty dealing with a team member, executive or contractor, we can review the situation and give you suggestions on what to do.

Our fees range from $100 per hour to $300 per hour, depending on the level of experience that you need. You pay by credit card and can cancel the service whenever you wish.

Just send us an email and tell us about your project and the kind of help you want. Or call us at 303-596-0000.