Project Coordinator 98

What is a Project Coordinator?

Project coordinators support project managers and are involved in projects ranging from project  coordinatorhigh-rise buildings, major computer systems, new product development and many more. Their daily activities include attending meetings, gathering data from project team members, expediting materials from outside vendors and deliverables from consultants.

Project Coordinator and the CAPM Certification Exam Prep Course: What You Learn

The CAPM Certified Associate Project Manager Certification is a springboard to your first job as a project coordinator or project manager.  You learn the key responsibilities of a project coordinator and project manager including:

  • Project requirements gathering
  • Tracking project status
  • Communicating updates
  • Reporting project performance
  • Developing project schedules

The CAPM Certification is issued by the Project Management Institute and there is no experience requirement; the Certification is for beginners.  More on the CAPM Certified Associate Project Manager exam prep course…