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Project Plan Blunder #2 – Turf Wars

A project sponsor and her immediate subordinates, each of whom manages a department, are faced with awful publicity about they’re terrible customer service which has made Front front page of the local paper. The are making  their project plan. As the sponsor explains what is needed is an integrated effort where each of the for departments quart needs and cooperates with the others to bring about the strategic results of a significant improvement in customer service once the project manager sick Jess that people in the various departments will work on tasks that he assigns them, All hell breaks loose. The intensity of the turf wars is so strong that none of the managers is able to except the idea that people can work on a cross functional team effectively. The project sponsor makes more speeches about cooperation the project manager tries to explain how do I efforts in each department simply will not bring about the strategic improvement that the organization needs.  Let’s watch this team and action and see what you would do to bring these turf wars to an end and give the project some small chance of succeeding.

Turf Wars  and Project Plans

Project Plan turf wars happen in many organizations.  These political battles between departments, the warring factions often suggest that there should be separate projects in each of the departments so there’s no cross functional cooperation is necessary. As the project manager says that never works. Even if a separate project manager is appointed in each department and but overall project manager tries to coordinate the efforts: that never works.  That plan of separate projects and project managers always sounds good and people in the middle of interdepartmental conflict leap bandit like a lion jumping on a hunk of raw meat. What those managers know that the way to bring about cross functional projects is not to subdivide them. That’s just the easy step to take which allows them to avoid solving the basic conflicts that exist. Let’s look at the video and see how the project manager and sponsor do with their project plan.

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