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Many people preparing for the PMI exam are familiar with quality programs from their work experience. The PMI approach is consistent with the best practices in quality improvement and it’s based on improving the processes, not trying to catch all of the deliverables that have an error. Our first step is to plan quality management. Unlike a lot of the other plans, this one is more than just instructions.  We do a great deal of analysis using a wide variety of techniques to identify the actual quality metrics our deliverables have to meet. Then once we begin to execute, we perform quality assurance which is focused on improving the processes for producing our deliverables and making them more efficient. We also focus on the processes for managing the project and make those project management activities more effective. The last process in quality is to control quality and that is a process where we are measuring, taking samples and assessing how well our produced deliverables conform to the specifications we identified as our quality metrics.

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Quality Introduction

Plan Quality Management

Perform Quality Assurance

Quality Summary

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