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Schedule management is a large knowledge area with seven processes in it. We begin by planning our schedule management and detailing what techniques we will use to build the schedule, how big it should be, how complicated, how frequently we will update it, and how we will track progress and identify variances against the baseline schedule. With that plan in place, we go through additional decomposition of the work breakdown structure, if necessary. Then we sequence the activities in the schedule using predecessor relationships and coming up with a network diagram. The next step is a critical one, estimating the resources required by each of the activities in the schedule. Many other processes are waiting for that data, which will tell them what skill sets and how much work from each of those resources will be required. The next scheduling step is to estimate our durations using the data on the amount of work and the resources’ availability. Then we put all of these pieces together into the final schedule which we control during Executing.

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Time Introduction

Plan Schedule Management

Define Activities

Sequence Activities

Estimate Activity Resources

Estimate Activity Durations

Develop Schedule

Time Summary

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