Scope PMP Knowledge Area

This knowledge area is very central to everything else that happens. We start scope management after the project charter has been approved and after we’ve identified our stakeholders. Then the sponsor and project manager make up the scope management plan which specifies how all of the scope processes will be conducted. When that is approved, the project manager, sponsor and stakeholders work to collect all the requirements that people have for the project so we can evaluate whether they should be included or not. With the requirements in hand, we follow our scope management plan to define the actual scope of the project and its high level deliverables and possibly other information. Many other processes are waiting for that scope statement to emerge. The last planning process in scope is where we create our work breakdown structure (WBS). That’s the backbone for the project and the schedule and cost and quality activities all require the WBS.

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Scope Introduction

Plan Scope Management

Collect Requirements

Define Scope

Create WBS

Validate Scope

Scope Summary

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