Student Course Evaluations

These comments are from students in all our courses. They include those that prepare you to pass the Project Management Institute (PMI)®’s PMP® and the CAPM® exams as well as our basic and advanced techniques courses that teach you practical, industry-specific tools and techniques.

“My instructor did an outstanding job acting out the various characters, making it feel as if I was actually performing in a real project meeting. Because the live session were so realistic, I feel that it has greatly aided in developing skills needed, by highlighting what I need improvement in, and the correct way of doing things.”  Avraham Rudich

“My 4PM instructor customized the course to best fit my learning style supporting by online resources that were especially helpful. We had many meetings to discuss some of the more complex PMI topics and explained them in a way that made sense. The super scenario essay questions were a great vehicle for putting it all together. It made remembering the topics focused and clear.”    Sara Veasey, PMP  National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

“This is the 4th course I’ve taken with 4PM. They were all very good and I can’t recommend them any higher. You get your money’s worth and come away having definitely learned.  I enjoy the movies immensely. They really add value and depth to the coursework. The web conferences are great. They add that feel of face-face communication that’s critical to courses.”   Robert Schwendel, PMP

“We held Webex meetings to discuss my exams, issues, or questions I had regarding the material. The super scenario essay questions were very helpful and guaranteed that I had a solid understanding of the information.”   Charlene O’Quinn, PMP

“It is very helpful to role play and react to real questions off the top of your head.”  Christopher Casares

“I did a lot of research to find Online Project Management Schools… I’m so glad I ended up with4 PM… It gives you a real world experience. The live presentations are invaluable.
I would recommend 4 PM to anyone brand new to Project Management, or trying to get to the next level… Thank you Dick Billows, and all your people!”  Mike S.

“Working with the mentor was great as he was able to break down and explain the parts I did not understand. The textbook reading was easy and the course was broken down and well explained.”  David Roach, URS Corporation

“[My instructor] was patient with me and allowed me to work at my own pace. This really worked well with my crazy work schedule and travel. [The presentations] worked very well with each module. Tied things together for me.”  Lonie Erlich, Faurecia

“[My instructor] was a great teacher, followed through with me on anything I was having issues on and always pushed me in the right direction. I scheduled both web meetings and phone calls with my instructor. They were always very useful. [My instructor] did very well explaining any question I had.
With the web simulations I was able to actually see someone asking questions, see their personality, and get more of a feel for being in a live situation.
The presentations were extremely helpful to develop the skills I need to make engaging presentations.”
Kirk Holdegraver

The movies of project managers in action made it easier, nicer, more examples in a better way.” Marcia Guzman, Continental Tire

“We had web conferences, they were as much as I wanted, and were very useful in developing the skills needed in PM. ” Avraham Rudich

“I used every learning method that was provided to me, the combination of reading, video, and action movies helped me paint a good picture of the process that was being discussed.” Paul Campbell, PMP

“[My instructor] provided a through overview of the course and laid out the plan to get my PMP® to meet my needs and accommodate my schedule. He provided good feedback on each set of practice exams and gave me the attention I needed in the week leading up to my exam. Overall, I am very pleased with the program. Not only was it successful in preparing me to pass the exam, but it provided useful input that I have applied to the projects that I manage. Thanks!”  Matt Berger, PMP

“The software presentations were key in my learning Microsoft project. I used all the templates.” Sharon Jacobson, SBJ Architecture

“The movies helped to take a practical approach to the lessons. (The presentations) helped me see that being prepared and keeping things simple was easier.”  Marcellus Johnson

“The simulations and presentations were of great help where I could see live how project managers handled problems/issues and learn from it. The templates were very helpful and saved a lot of time and gave a better idea as to how to present information or data.”  Raghu Kandala

“[My instructor} did a great job at explaining everything. I wish I would have taken more advantage of being able to do [web meetings and phone calls] with my instructor. I really enjoyed the course and it made me excited to get more into Project Management.”  Caitlyn Dehler

“My instructor] was a great coach and he did a nice job of providing feedback and praising my efforts. [The template for assignments] was a great way to document and follow the modules and provided a nice course deliverable that I have used on actual projects.” Nick Toussaint, Johns Manville

“The life types are the most applicable. Mostly because we normally don’t spend the time to effectively plan how to communicate with other team members and it was good to add this discipline to the course materials for us to practice in real life. [My instructor] was thorough, precise and delivered what needed to be said in a supportive fashion. I would highly recommend [my instructor] and your organization.”Sam Manfredi, JDA