Master Projects by Seeing Them Done

Project Management Courses Designed for the Visual Learner. Visual Learning – Self-directed project management training Courses using 100’s of practical “How To” videos and videos of PMs and Their Teams doing projects the right way.



Best Practice Techniques

Real World Projects: Feasibility & Assessment

Meet Dick Billows, PMP, GCA high in the Rocky Mountains above Vail Colorado. Watch him discuss initiating a project and developing a feasibility study to earn support from management.

PM Teaches a Team To Do 3-Point Estimating

Visual learners watch an experienced project manager guide her team through the three-point estimating process. She teaches each of them how to develop their own estimates. But the sponsor walks in and criticizes the process. The project manager defends it, explaining how the project benefits from realistic estimates with team member commitment.  Finally in private interviews, you see the reaction of the team members to the three-point estimating process.

 Fixing a Problem Project Team

Our Video Learning shows you the right way and wrong way to apply techniques always with an expert analysis at the end. An experienced project manager  inherits a dysfunctional project team from his recently terminated predecessor. Visual learners watch the project manager use techniques for turning the team around.

Define the Project Scope: Working with a Difficult Sponsor

In this Video Learning example, An experienced project manager takes on a new project assignment for a client. The first part of the video is the  wrong way and last part is the right way to do it. He uses best practices techniques to define the scope of the work with the executive who is sponsoring the project.



Dealing With People

Project Duration: Handling Requests to Finish Sooner

Visual learners watch the project manager use typical (ineffective) techniques to try and resist the request to finish sooner. The result is not good. Then see the same project manager use best practices techniques and design a better solution to the issue.

Foundations of Project Management

Visual learners see Two experienced project managers teach a new project manager how to start a project. They also explain how to work with the team members and managers who are affected by the project (stakeholders).

Video Learning Teaches Visual Learners to Build a WBS in MS Project Software

Watch the click-by-click process of entering your tasks and deliverables in Microsoft Project software. Watch how to sequence them so they are done in the right order. Then see how to assign resources to the tasks and generate their duration as well as the duration of the entire project.

Real World Project Management: Initiation & Feasibility Study by Dick Billows, PMP, GCA

Visual Learner easily master leading teams and projects through visual learning. That’s why we created our archive of Project Manager in Action videos with our cast over the past 12 years. Theses hundreds of videos teach practical “how to do it” techniques which you learn by watching teams and project leaders use them. You get the entire video learning library of videos, articles and related lectures available for self-study.