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Dick Billows, PMP

 We developed our Achievement-driven Project Methodology (ADPM™) has  been developed over the last 20 years and used in thousands of organizations.  AdPM is based on on measured business results for every assignment, milestone and the project scope.  This gives you crystal-clear project assignments and clear team member performance expectations.

You can learn our methodology in our 15 books, over 300 free articles and 121 free YouTube videos that explain the methodology in detail.  Hiring 4PM to assist you in a project is also a great way to learn AdPM. For beginners, the AdPM methodology provides basic techniques for small projects done within a detartment. We cover it in our 5 Esssentials of PM” paperback & ebooks, each written for a specific specialty and for beginning project managers who need to learn the basics like planning and scheduling software.  Dozens of our articles are written for new project managers as are most of the 100 AdPM© lectures and PMs in action videos on Youtube.

For larger internal project and project performed for clients, We offer 9 Books in different industries and for different organizational roles. Project Management Textbooks

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  1. Those are really some of the best guides I have seen for project management. Personally I lack skills of time management which essentially leads to poor project management. Hopefully these will help in my time management skills too.

    Sushant @

    1. Sushant

      Yes we do. Good project managers need to learn to manage their own time as well as the team’s time. Our methodology will teach you what to spend your time on and what to take a pass on.

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