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Project Launch

Dick Billows, PMP
Dick Billows, PMP

The project launch meeting has several purposes. These include:

– establishing expectations for performance and behavior

– explaining how team members’ tasks are connected to the scope and objective of the project

– explaining how the project result will affect the team members’ performance evaluation

– explaining how good performance on their task(s) can benefit┬áthe team members’ careers.

– generating enthusiasm and commitment to the project. Project Launch Main Page

To achieve all these benefits, the project sponsor and project manager need to carefully plan the project launch. Depending on the project, there may be certain issues or fears that are affecting the team members’ and stakeholders’ attitudes about the project. The project launch meeting is not the time to “downplay” or try and minimize these concerns. Instead, we should use the launch meeting to directly address people’s concerns about the impact of the project on their departments and their daily work.
Unfortunately, too often launch meetings leave team members wondering how they can avoid being blamed if the project fails.They may also be concerned about finger-pointing when things don’t go right. Watch this video as a sponsor and PM conduct the worst launch meeting in the history of project management. I’ll point out some of the mistakes the project manager and sponsor make. Then we will listen to the project team members privately describe their reaction to the meeting. Finally, I will analyze what went wrong and how to do it better.

You will learn all the right skills in our project management basics courses. Take a look at the basics course in your industry specialty.

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