LECTURE Project Executing Knowledge and Skills

When we think about the knowledge and skills in the Executing process group, we need to remember that executing happens in parallel with monitoring and controlling.   It usually is best to think of these processes as if they had a separate project manager in charge of each.  So the executing project manager is implementing the project management plan as written.  They are also initiating approved changes and corrective actions following the change management plan.  Finally, the executing project manager implements the approved actions as written in the risk management plan.

The executing project manager must have the knowledge and skills for managing vendor and consulting contracts. They must understand how to control the cost and duration impact of vendors, consultants and material suppliers.

The executing project manager must also have the skills and techniques of continuous process improvement. They need to ensure the processes for producing deliverables and for managing the project are monitored with quality control techniques. And they  must analyze the data using continuous process improvement techniques.

Last, the executing project manager needs to understand the interdependencies between tasks. They must manage the ripple effect that a negative variance on one task has on other “downstream” tasks.