PERT-Three Point Estimates Presentation

PERT-Three Point Estimates
Dick Billows, PMP
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The project manager in this video is preparing and presenting her PERT-Three Point Estimates to the sponsor and stakeholders. She is facing a tough stakeholder audience who are looking to challenge her data and her estimating methodology so that they can slash the duration she has planned as well as her budget. See how she handles their objections and criticisms as they challenge her numbers.  Three-point estimating has some very powerful advantages over other ways of estimating, although it does take a bit longer. Watch how the project manager explains those advantages to the executives and turns them into supporters of the three point estimating process.

As you’ll see, the key to her PERT-Three Point Estimates presentation is not only the accuracy of the numbers at her ability to explain where that came from but also the clarity.  She has dated the show the numbers tumblers who are her biggest critics but also Data for people who don’t understand the three point estimating technique. She need to communicate clearly to both of those audiences. You judge how she did.

See if you can identify the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation and how well the project manager makes her case for using the three point estimates. Is it clear how the three point estimating technique gives you good data about the likelihood of the risks the work assignments face? Do you see the mathematical accuracy of using three point estimates rather than just one? Finally, do you understand what three point estimating does to the level of team member commitment? Participating in the estimating process increases commitment to the resulting due dates and work estimates. We hope the video and narration by Dick Billows, PMP, help you understand how and why successful project managers use three point estimating.

How To Present 3-point Estimates

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Author: Dick Billows, PMP

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