PMP® Training: How to Prep for the PMP® Exam

Dick Billows, PMP
Dick Billows, PMP

PMP® training to help you earn the PMP® (Project Management Professional) credential is required to pass the exam. The PMP credential from PMI® (Project Management Institute) is the most recognized project management certification in the world.  You must document three or four years of experience managing projects. PMI® may check your work references. Then you need to pass a 200-question multiple choice exam.  The exam covers definitions, PMI® processes and project management scenarios. The scenario questions require you to assess a situation and decide the correct thing to do, according to PMI®’s standards and principles.  The exam is difficult and about half the people who take it world-wide fail.   The PMP® credential gives you substantial credibility in your own organization and it is a very potent job-hunting tool. Here is a listing of other certifications that offers Manager Certifications Main Page

Types of PMP Training – What to Look For

There is a wide variety of PMP® Exam Prep approaches. Years ago you could you can read the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) Guide and pass the exam. But those days are over.  Even PMI says that their guide is not sufficient but they do want you to study it. (We have authored a PMP Exam Prep book that covers everything on the exam.)

Second, you can buy practice exams and try to memorize the questions and answers by taking the exams over and over. However, the PMP®  questions are routinely changing Third, you can by flash cards with PMI terms on one side and the definitions on the other. That will  help with about 10% of the exam questions.

What you must have is an automated practice exam system that draws from a large data base of PMP® questions.  That practice test software also needs to show you the right answer.  Most importantly, it should give you an explanation of why the correct answer is correct and why the others are wrong.  (Our database  has over 4,000 questions and is constantly growing. Your instructor reviews each of your exams with you via video conference.) The system must also track your speed on the practice exams so you learn the pace to use in the exam. (Each of our practice exams has 50 questions and a one hour time limit that counts down the remaining minutes.) That is the most effective learning because you learn to manage your time.

Finally, you need someone to talk to.  I don’t mean by raising your hand in a class of 30. You need someone you can talk to.  Your instructor should look at the pattern and trend of your missed answers and give you feedback and analysis of what you don’t understand. That magnifies your learning and makes it more efficient.  Personal coaching is what makes our training more effective. We use video conferencing so you can see your exam questions/answers and watch your instructor as they analyze and review your results.

So that’s what to look for in your PMP® exam training.  Also look at the guarantees. With the PMP® prep you get the best PMP passing guarantee available.  Your instructor will  continue to work with you  if you fail the exam after completing your course in its entirety. He will stick with you and work with you until you pass. You also have maximum flexibility in scheduling the PMP® course because you’re not tied to a rigid schedule set by the instructor. Instead you set your own schedule and your instructor adapts to it.   You may wish to take advantage of the free instructor assessment which will help you decide if the PMP® certification and  prep course is right for you.

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Author: Dick Billows, PMP

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