LECTURE Present Project Plan

As the Project Planning process draws to a close, the sponsor and project manager needs to secure organizational approval to go ahead with executing the project plan. Securing an approval almost always requires a formal presentation of the plan. This includes a detailed description of deliverables the project will produce, the cost of producing them and the schedule on which those deliverables will be produced.

The organization may also require other information to approve the project plan.  Similar to the business case we discussed early in Initiation, the organization may require the project plan to document the costs and benefits the project will produce and re-examine the link between the organization’s strategy and the deliverables from the project.

Once approval is secured, the next and last effort in project planning is to build support for the project among the stakeholders who will be affected. Building their support often includes a kickoff meeting where the project manager and sponsor communicate the major project milestones and provide information about the value of the project to the organization. The goal is to gain people’s enthusiastic support.