Nahusenay Teamer Gebrehiwot

Name : Nahusenay Teamer Gebrehiwot
Sex : Male
Date of Birth : April 12, 1968 GC
Place of Birth : Mekelle, Tigray
Nationality : Ethiopian

2.1. Educational Background

1984-1987 G.C
Addis Ababa University
BA Degree Regular
1990/91-1994 G.C
BA Degree in Management
Mekelle University

1997-2002 G.C
Diploma in Law
Mekelle University
M.Sc Degree
2005/06-2008 G.C
M.Sc. in Cooperatives Marketing
Project Management Professional (PMP)
PMP Certified
Certified PMP
2.2. Short-term Training
 Microsoft Project 2010; Managing Projects as prescribed by Microsoft Corporation (Tracking and Managing Projects in Microsoft Project 2010)
 Budgeting and Budget Control;
 Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation;
 Project Management;
 Strategic Planning and Management and Management by Objective (MBO);
 Marketing Information System;
 Seminar on Industrial Property;
 Integrated Community Based Participatory Planning (ICBPP) techniques and approaches which covers the following (PRA Theory, Rural Development and Characteristics of Poverty, Community Simulation, PRA Process, Development of Community Action Plan, Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation supplemented with field practice); and,
 Basic Computer Training (Introduction, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, Power Point, SPSS, MINITAB, Internet and e-mail setup utilization).
 Automobile vehicles driving license
3.1. Employer-Mekelle University-Institutional University Cooperation (MU IUC)
Address- Tel-+251-0344-410971
P.O. Box- 231, Mekelle, Tigray, Ethiopia
Duration: From November 2009-Now
Position: MU IUC Programme Manager
Major Duties and Responsibilities:
As a programme Manager of MU VLIR UOS IUC Programmes, I have demonstrated organizational skills and competences in planning and executing the academic, research and community service activities of the programme office; in planning and developing the requirement of the programme office and the projects, and in initiating and inculcating team spirit, collective integrity, responsibility, and accountability on the members of IUC programme so as to run the teaching-learning and research and community service activities of the university effectively and efficiently. One of my duties is preparation of project documents such as partner programme, annual plans and reports. Also I am responsible for the day-to-day management of the programme office including monitoring, evaluation of projects, and administrative and financial affairs of the programme office.
 Preparation of project documents –Partner Programmes, Annual Plans and Annual Reports and cross-checking these documents for content and quality.
 Ensure that the work in progress is in line with the charted plans;
 Provides constant leadership and guidance to teammates.
 Performing all line management duties including leading the day-to-day affairs of the MU-IUC programme office.
 Coordinate and supervise all the activities undertaken by MU IUC Programme Office.
 Suggest new policies and modifications to the management in order to reform the nature of work.
 Participate in meetings, discussions, project site visits, workshops and hearings.
 Prepare bids and proposals for the prospective clients to expand business operations.
 Responsible for preparing status reports and presenting them to the higher managing authorities for scrutinizing.
 Facilitate transport and accommodation for international visitors and draw up scripts for such visits in consultation with PLs
 Facilitate mobility of local MU-IUC scholars and other staff
 Provide accurate financial overviews of project expenditures for every steering committee members or management meeting and relay on these matters on regular basis with finance team both in the North and South.
 Provide full information to the accounts departments of Mekelle University and auditors and assist them in case of difficulty.
 Regularly alert the project leaders in the North and South on their financial balance together with the north.
 Responsible for the financial and accounting of the programme fund
 Expedite local and international purchases
 Expedite custom clearance of MU-IUC cargo arriving in Addis Ababa
 Recording and distributing of these goods upon arrival at Mekelle
 Follow up of calls from development partners for application
 Cross-checking and verification of status of MU-IUC goods in the different beneficiary projects-inventory management
 Handle all communications between the VLIR-UOS-IUC and MU
 Employment of staff as required in consultation with the local program coordinator
 Logistic coordination for all the projects (e.g. writing invitation letters, deployment of vehicles, hotel reservations, visa processing for international guests, etc )
 Involvement in the research assuring that the programme management duties are not affected.
 Serve as an administrative and financial advisor to PhD scholars, staff and promoters on a wide range of human resource and financial related initiatives, programs, services and issues.
 Advice and support in the design and implementation of organizational effectiveness interventions, facilitation, development and management of high performing teams.
 Advise and assist in staff recruitment, including job definition, interview process, selection/appointment of candidates; staff reassignment, exit strategies and processes, etc.
 Advise project managers and staff on effective career and performance management, and take the lead in identifying, assessing and resolving issues, problems, and conflicts, drawing up win-win solutions.
 Report all technical and financial matters to VLIR OUS head quarter, Belgium.
 Spearhead the VLIR-UOS-IUC database
 Organize workshops and international congress.
 Contribute in planning, appraising, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of development programs and projects sponsored by the university.
 Involvement in the research assuring that the programme management duties are not affected
 Supervise the performance of different projects in MU IUC Programmes;
 Monitor the implementation of development programs and projects carried out by the university ;
 Submit periodic performance and financial reports to the funding and implementing agencies.
 Summary of the programme and the focus areas of the 9 projects are described hereunder.
 Land Management Project
 More Crop Per Drop Project
 Geo-hydrology Project
 Aquatic Project
 Farm Technology Project
 Socio-economy Projects
 ICT Project
 Library Project
 Cluster Support Unit
 Project Support Unit