Healthcare Project Basics – #131


This is the premier Healthcare Project Basics course available anywhere

You receive individual online instruction, customized for your schedule, work experience and learning style. You will learn healthcare project management “best practices” tools and techniques for planning, scheduling, tracking and reporting progress. You will work individually with your instructor and practice applying them in different situations. 

During enrollment, you can set your own user name & password.  You will get a receipt with links for immediately downloading your materials. 

Begin whenever you wish. Open the “Getting Started.pdf ” which has the password for your book. Go to  Click the “Member Login” and enter the username and password you set.


This is the premier Healthcare Project basics course available anywhere

In Healthcare Project Basics, you receive individual online instruction, customized for your schedule, work experience and learning style. You will learn the healthcare project management “best practices” techniques and how to apply them in different situations. You will also learn the techniques to gather requirements from the administrators or care-givers then develop your project plan. You will learn how to build a schedule using Microsoft Project® software. In addition to those “hard skills” you’ll also learn to make presentations of your healthcare project plan and status reports. These are private sessions with your instructor that will give you skills and confidence in your speaking ability.

Customized Individual Online Course for Your Schedule and Learning Style. How it Works:

  1. You begin your online course with a video conference with your instructor. You tell him the schedule you want to follow and the way you learn best. He will customize your course based on the conversation and an assessment you take.
  2. You start work whenever you want, study when it fits your schedule and submit your healthcare project assignments when you wish. You can work on the course from anywhere in the world on your PC, iPad, Android or smart phone.
  3. You have 10 modules with reading, online lectures and videos, and healthcare project assignments. You get feedback and coaching from your instructor on every step.

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