Project Management Basics #101


Master Tools for Smaller Projects: Planning, Estimating, Scheduling, Presenting

Master all the techniques for small-medium projects and practice them on realistic project specialty case studies  Get individual coaching on feedback on each of your assignment. As well you will learn to run meetings and present reports.  You will practice these skills in live simulations with Dick Billows who will give you practice on handing the kind of questions managers and executives ask project managers. Look over the textbook


Project Management Basics

Tools for Smaller Projects: Planning, Estimating, Scheduling, Presenting

You receive individual online instruction, customized for your schedule, work experience and learning style. You will learn the project management “best practices” techniques for planning, scheduling, tracking and reporting.  Work at your pace and schedule and have private video conferences with your instructor. Look over the textbook

In the Essentials of Project Management course, people new to project management will learn the ten major steps in a project and then apply them to a project case study. You’ll start by negotiating with the sponsor and establishing the project scope in precise, measurable terms. Then you will move on to gather requirements from the stakeholders. Next you’ll prepare a Power Point presentation of the charter and send it to your instructor for feedback.

jeffstatusYou will make a live online presentation to your instructor so you practice your communication and presentation skills. Then you’ll learn how to build the schedule and budget using project management software. This includes the work breakdown structure (WBS), predecessors, estimating resources and optimizing the schedule. You will send your instructor your work at each of those steps for review and comment. Next you will learn communication techniques and people skills to deal with conflict on the project team. Finally, your instructor will send you status data from your team. You’ll update your schedule and identify problems and suggest solutions. Finally, you’ll prepare a status report for presentation to your instructor. Mastering these proven techniques is the key to consistent success on every project. During enrollment, you can set your own user name & password.  You will get a receipt with links for immediately downloading your book & materials. 

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