Video Conference Instructions

How The Video Conferences Work

Live video conferences are a critical element of our certification prep classes. While you will regularly exchanged emails with your instructor and talk by phone, the live private videoconferences are a critical component of your learning. Both students and our instructors enjoy this highly personal, one-on-one interaction in classes. One of the reasons we can attract and retain the best PMI instructors in the world.

Whenever you encounter a problem or don’t understand something, send your instructor and email requesting a videoconference and give your instructor at least two days and times that are convenient for you. We can almost always a accommodate your request as long as you give us 24 hours notice.


Your instructor will send you a link to the private meeting room the two of you will use for your discussion. Instructor will be able to display copies of your last exam or lecture slides that are unclear to you.

  1. A few minutes before the agreed-upon time, Turn you camera on before logging in.
  2. Then click the link in the email you got from your instructor
  3. After you enter the meeting, you will see a choice for starting the audio conference or calling  in by phone. Choose the 2nd option, “Use Computer for audio” Then select “Call Using Computer.”

2. The next step is to turn on your camera. Your name will be in the attendees list, click on the camera icon next to your name . To start sending your video signal.

3. After your audio and web camera are turned on, speak to your instructor